Hi, my name is Alessia

Founder of Grow Through Coaching

My background

I am originally from Italy and moved to the Netherlands when I was 24.

I am certified in Lazer Focus Coaching, Career Management Coaching and Somatic Coaching. I have attended many personal development courses and workshops, and one of my life mottos is ‘never stop learning and evolving’. I hold a MA degree in Foreign Languages and Literature, with specialization in Science of Communication and Information.

I worked for 13 years in the Recruitment industry, partnering with hundreds of international organizations to search and select new employees. I have interviewed 1000s of candidates helping them find their next step in employment. I’ve successfully managed amazing people who have grown and developed in their roles for over 8 years. I believe my recruitment background is a strong asset and compliments my coaching.

I am an enthusiast by nature, a kind of Alice in Wonderland, always curious. I love connecting with people. In my spare time I love spending time with my family, practicing yoga and meditation, I am a fitness pro, love spending time with my friends, dancing, hiking in nature, travelling, reading, making collages and writing.

I coach in English and in Italian.

This is the story of my journey so far

The challenges I have faced in my life and how I have grown through and into coaching.

My journey in life started with abandonment, which, I later came to realise, impacted on my life in many ways. Primarily, I had a strong need for security, to feel loved and liked. Determined to fit in, I would go to any lengths to be ‘perfect’ in the hope that I would be accepted and loved by others.

At school, I used to cry if I received anything less than a perfect grade. I made sure this was one area I wouldn’t fail in and graduated Cum Laude at University, because anything less would not have been acceptable to me. When I graduated, my biggest achievement was to see how proud my grandparents, who raised me most of the time, were of me.
I started my career working for a Recruitment agency, where I grew from Junior Consultant to Senior Manager. I often achieved the title of ‘Consultant of the Year’ or ‘Manager of the Best Performing Team’. Being ‘the best’ and ‘proving I was good enough’ was always the underlying driver. No mistakes or deviations allowed. Here I discovered my first unconscious belief.

At a certain point in my mid-30s I started my personal development journey and something inside of me started to shift deeply. I realized that this pattern of ‘not feeling good enough’ controlled an enormous part of my life.  I started looking inwards, questioning myself and I came to the realisation that my need to be the best was simply a survival strategy to compensate for all the insecurities I had. I became aware that I was constantly needing confirmation that I was in fact ‘good enough’. I saw just how much I cared about what people thought, always trying to impress others rather than actually listening to what it was that I really wanted. 

This is when my journey of personal development and healing deepened. An incredibly transformative journey progressed and helped me to change my perspectives and create space for vulnerability, trust, authenticity, forgiveness and courage. I realized how the experiences I lived through made me learn and grow in ways I could have not otherwise. They helped me to develop qualities like high sensitivity, innate empathy and intuition. They also gave me a unique ability to create a safe and trusted space for people to open up, a never-ending capacity to look for the light side and resilience and determination to work through life’s challenges. I understood how everything that we go through, helps us shape in the people that we are meant to be. Choosing how to respond consciously instead of reacting to life has been an incredible, empowering milestone for me. 

In fact I have transitioned quite a few times in my life. Moving country from Italy to Holland in my early 20s, changing relationships multiple times before settling down, becoming a parent in my late 30s, and changing my career path in my late 30s. All these transitions shook me to the core, in one way or another.  Some of them were extremely challenging moments in my life.

And yet I realized how they came as an invitation to become aware of my emotions, re-evaluate my values and what I wanted from my life. Identifying certain identities that I was attached to and letting go of what did not serve me anymore. A journey from fear to change to openness and trust.

The career transition in my late 30s was the most challenging one for me to navigate. I loved my work for so many years that when the love slowly disappeared, I found it really difficult to make the change I needed to. So I attempted to stay and try to rekindle the love but I had changed, and we were simply not aligned any longer. I felt that the pressure of my social conditioning, the status quo and financial obligations were growing, as I was going to the 2nd half of my 30s. It felt like I was living the life I was expected to live, more than the life I truly wanted to live. I felt stuck, disconnected, stressed.
My decisive turning point was when I was offered the opportunity to be a partner at the firm I was working for. A few years previously, I would have jumped at this chance but when it arrived, I heard a loud, clear NO coming from my heart.  

And then becoming a parent not long after, gave me the last push to truly take my life in my hands and change. Parenthood has been the most transformative rite of passage I could experience. I realized it was time to release and let go of what did not serve me anymore. If you are a parent yourself, you might feel the same, whether it is relationship, career, friendships, or old habits. It is a massive, transformative awakening.

What followed, was a period of deep listening, reconnecting to myself, taking the time to truly align with the life I wanted to live, and my mission. 
And I eventually took the leap, which for a class A student like me felt at first quite scary and unsafe. My good girl conditioning would have preferred choosing a higher function in the same field. Or squeezing in a bit more, because all the external circumstances were so convenient.

With time and thanks to coaching, I started seeing this period as a gift in disguise. An opportunity to truly experience self-compassion, kindness to myself, courage to follow my heart and passion, to tap into my inner wisdom and my intuition, feeling comfortable with the uncomfortable.  I discovered that my inner critic, fear of the unknown and limiting beliefs were not serving me at all. I learnt to work with them, transform them, letting them go and gaining new supportive perspectives. The fear of the unknown, of failure, and the self-doubt transformed with time into a deep sense of trust, flow, and inner knowing.
I replaced perfectionism with courage. The need for security and comfort replaced with curiosity and trust in myself.

I started feeling the buzz of energy coming, a new fresh energy of beginnings. A new start where my values, talents, passions, interests have been aligned. 
Things started changing inside of me, so they changed outside.
This is how Grow Through Coaching was conceived.
It is my utmost honor to be on your side and support you during your transition.