mock interview

“Owning your story is the bravest thing you will ever do“
Brene Brown

Is this you?

  • Struggling to attend job interviews and being rejected, wondering what’s wrong with
    you or simply feeling ‘you are not good at it?
  • Feeling too nervous to attend job interviews?
  • Discouraged from the hyper-competitive job market
  • Feeling like you are beating yourself up because of getting rejected?
  • Afraid to fail in interviews, whether it’s just a fear to overcome or your livelihood is
    literally at stake
  • …or even just want to make sure you do everything you can to land your dream job!

How can i help you?

Having worked in the recruitment industry for 13 years, I have literally interviewed 1000s candidates – and partnered with 1000s of international organizations. If there is one thing I feel confident in advising for… this would be IT! I know countless tricks and tips to share on how to land the job you want, having worked directly with so many hiring managers for successful placement. As career coach, my strong recruitment background comes very handy and as strong asset to coaching. What sets me apart is my personal intuitive, warm and empathetic nature. I have a knack of knowing which roles are right and aligned for my clients, and what are best to avoid. And I can support you showing up authentically at a job interview and making sure to get a positive outcome.


One off 1:1 mock interview session of 1h 15min

Up to 45 minute practice interview plus 

30 minutes feedback, tips & tricks (including how to prepare for a job interview) and Q&A’s

Recording of your mock interview

What will you get out of the mock interview?

  • Renewed confidence in your ability to perform in interviews
  • How to brand yourself to a company – while staying true to your authenticity
  • Honest and valuable feedback from a seasoned recruiter
  • More self awareness in regards to the language (both verbal & body) that you use in  an interview


If you are interested in this one- off opportunity to regain power and self confidence in a job interview, contact me. The mock interview can be ‘general’ or specifically designed around the job that you would like to get offered.