Career coaching

“ Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly“
Chuang Tzu

Is this you?

  • Feel unsatisfied, stuck, unfulfilled in your current job and are not sure about the next step
  • Unhappy in your current role and you swing from frustration to ‘oh no, it is not so bad’ and keep on squeezing in.
  • Want to figure out what is missing in your work life
  • Feel stuck on how to make a career change
  • Have lots of ideas but no action follows and the limbo phase lingers on
  • Recently been made redundant or your contract has been terminated and feel lost and overwhelmed. What next?
  • Come back from maternity leave and you feel the company mission is not for you anymore, you feel like a fish outside the bowl
  • Moved because of your partner’s work and you struggle to find new employment in a new
  • Have taken care of your child/children for many years and find it hard to re-enter the work space, you are not sure anymore what you want or who you have become
  • Have been dreaming to start your own business for years but somehow it has not happened
    yet and you keep on procrastinating. You keep on telling yourself ‘one day..’

If you are going through this, I am glad you are here.

How can i help you?

As a career coach, I am your journey coach partner that walks on your side while navigating through your career transition. It is very confusing and complicated period to do it all by yourself.


Coaching will be done on line, via Zoom or Skype. I can meet you EVERYWHERE you are, no geographical boundaries.


I do not believe in one package fitting for all. I do believe every person is unique, and my approach is listening in deeply to your needs and desires , and meet you exactly where you are right now with compassion, non- judgement and empathy. After our first free introduction call of about 30- 45 minutes, I will send you a proposal that covers amount of sessions, costs and agreed goal to achieve. We will start working weekly and then move to bi-weekly when the learning deepens. A standard package covers from 6 to 12 sessions, according to where you are in the process when you enter the practice. Sessions will last from 45 minutes to 1 hour. In between sessions there will be some extra exercises to deepen the learning. Unlimited email / messages for support.

The package in 3 steps

1. Discover who you are
We identify your unique strengths and interests and talents, your personality type
and your transferrable skills as our base to work on

2. Focus and Strategy
We work together on development and execution of a job search plan, we craft a job search strategy that will make looking for a new job exciting and not draining

3. Personal Branding
I will support you with resume reviewing, Linked Profile, cover letter, interview preparation and mock interview, strategy on networking, salary negotiation

A package include

  • Free first chemistry call
  • Indefinite support via email in between sessions
  • Extra exercises to do on your own in between
    sessions to deepen your self- awareness
  • Assessment at the end of our collaboration
  • Follow up free call after months after coaching
    journey is completed to check in

What will you get out of coaching?

  • Understand your values, who you have become and from there create a vision that is aligned and compelling to move forward
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success with transitioning out of your current job and into your dream career
  • Finding more purpose and fulfilment in your professional career
  • Create a crystal clear vision for the work you were born to do (hint, it won’t feel like work)
  • More self confidence
  • More empowerment in making decisions that support your vision
  • More energy and vitality
  • Step bravely into a new beginning
  • Proud in describing what you do for work

What does a coaching program with me look like?

Step One
Discovery call (free of charge)

Discovery call will be for about 30-45 minutes on video call, or phone. I do take the time to listen deeply to you, where you are, and understand what you are looking for. We will have the opportunity to check whether we are a good match as this is essential for a coaching relationship to work and be successful. At the end of the conversation, I will send you a proposal with a package tailor made for you.

Step Two

Single session OR Coaching package, choose your desired option: Career or life coaching

Step Three

At the end of the coaching relationship, we will reserve some time to reflect on our coaching program, the process and the goals achieved. Did you achieve your goals? Where are you now and what do you still want to tackle in the future?

If desired, we can schedule a follow-up call after a certain agreed time to get together and discuss progress. Because I do it with care.