Business coaching

“Inside every seed is the potential for an incredible harvest.”

Farrah Gray

What is business coaching?

Through a business coaching program, my mission is to contribute to the growth and success of an organization by supporting individuals in achieving the results that are important to their personal success and the long-term success of the organization. The overall goal of this coaching process is to help employees tap into their full potential so they can go through and grow through internal and external challenges and find constructive ways to regain their ‘powerhouse’ as I call it, flourish and grow as professionals. At the same time, I believe in empowering people to bring their whole selves to the workplace so that they can work authentically and with purpose within the organization. The employee benefits from it and so does the company. It is a win-win situation.

Who can benefit from a business coaching program?

A business coaching program can support employees going through and growing through significant transitions including:

  • Employees who experience challenges/setbacks going through a promotion or change of roles within the organization.
  • Employees who need support during re-integration to work, after a period of absence.
  • Employees who are working in a changing environment and feel a bit lost in the midst of company changes.
  • Employees who have been made redundant and need support with outplacement.
  • Employees who are currently disengaged in their role or in the company. Burnout prevention.
  • Employees who need support with creating a healthy work life balance.
  • Employees who have desire to improve their performance to the next level.

My Coaching approach

My role as a coach is to act as an agent of change and to support individuals to stretch into their best selves. With my coaching skills and expertise, and almost a decade of experience managing extremely successful and high-performing teams, I help individuals to bring their best version of themselves to the table in order to overcome challenges that keep them disengaged, stuck or self-doubting.

To do that, we engage in a coaching program where I hold space that facilitates reflection, self-awareness and new learning. Where I challenge individuals to shift perspectives, and provide them with a process and support so they feel empowered to make and sustain change. Empowerment and self-confidence are at the core of my coaching programs. I introduce a variety of self-awareness exercises and behavioural practices to support the process. I take the necessary time to understand the company’s vision, values, mission and current challenges to get a clear picture of the framework I need to work within.

With Integrity, professionalism and great passion and care, I put your organization and their employees at the heart of my work and I strive for a collaborative, successful and meaningful partnership. 

“Together everyone achieves more.”


Coaching with Alessia has given me the opportunity to take the time to be completely present with myself and reflect on my feelings. I know that her support equipped me with different tools to deal with challenges and turn around the moment so I can bring the best version of myself to daily situations. I am a confident and happy person that feels empowered by future opportunities and excited to translate that into specific outcomes.

– Snezhana K.  Marketing Manager at vaneeghen

Benefits of business coaching

  • Supporting career growth and any challenges that might come with it, turning these challenges into opportunities to grow individually and within the organization.
  • Empowering employees to perform at their best and bring their best authentic selves to work.
  • Bringing ease to a challenging transition process by shifting perspective and building resilience to go through the change, and creating solutions to go through it.
  • Supporting employees well being, reinforcing a positive mindset and a healthy work-life balance.
  • Guiding employees to rediscover meaning at work and a feeling of engagement.
  • Identifying untapped potential and opportunities.
  • Empowering high achievers to stop doubting themselves and get into their powerhouse.

What you can expect from a business coaching process

Step One

Introductory session with the direct manager to identify main challenges and objectives.

Step Two

Introductory individual sessions with each team member to clarify where they are and identify personal desired outcomes.

Step Three

The coaching program starts after these initial conversations have been held and there is alignment in the focus of the ‘agenda’ and objectives between the company and employees. The program consists of 6 to 10 sessions of 60-minutes each, conducted on a bi-weekly basis.

Step Four

For each meeting, we’ll explore a specific focus and we’ll position the purpose of the discussion in relation to the overall objective. We’ll go through exploratory and discovery processes to identify opportunities and also plan specific action steps to ensure progress.

Step Five

The program includes one check-in in the middle of the program and one at the end so that the line of communication stays open and collaborative.