Life coaching

Everyone is entitled to miracles. And when they are not occurring, something has gone wrong. We have the capacity to loose weight, to earn the money, we have the capacity to live a far greater life than we perceive to do. But we have to make that decision. We have to exercise the free will and make the conscious choice to see differently.“
Oprah Winfrey

Is this you?

  • You are not happy with your life at this moment and can’t quite figure out what’s wrong
  • You feel like you are living on auto pilot and have a sense that life is just passing by
  • You have difficulties saying NO
  • You have difficulties setting good boundaries for yourself
  • You set a goal for yourself but you don’t seem to achieve it. You’re too busy, too overwhelmed.. There is always something in the way
  • You are a master in self sabotage
  • You talk to yourself not in a nice way
  • You lost touch with your intuition
  • You procrastinate

How can i help you?

As a Life coach, I collaborate with you to identify, clarify and create a vision for  what you want. I engage with you in a thought provocative and creative process that maximize your self- awareness, your action, your personal potential.  I encourage self -discovery and growth. I support you to create strategies and plan of actions and stimulate accountability to achieve your goals. I support you with shifting your perspectives in new ways that stimulate growth and forward movement.


Coaching will be done on line, via Zoom or Skype. I can meet you EVERYWHERE you are, no geographical boundaries.


One off 1:1 coaching session
This is a one off session designed specifically for a particular personal decision to make, doubt to resolve, clarity on a specific quest.

Life coaching programme
Do you want to become clear on what you truly want and how you’re going to get it? A package can vary from 6 to 12 sessions.

After our discovery call, I send you an offer with an amount of sessions that will give us enough time to examine what is going on in your life right now, work on your goals and create an inspiring plan to move you towards the change you desire.

What will you get out of coaching?

  • Create a crystal clear vision for the life you truly want
  • Figure out what is blocking you and release those blocks to move forward, to live the life you want to live
  • Find inner strenght and trust in yourself to take the next steps
  • You will leave our programme renewed, re-energized and inspired to make the changes that will support you
  • More self awareness, self trust and confidence

What does a coaching program with me look like?

Step One
Discovery call (free of charge)

Discovery call will be for about 30-45 minutes on video call, or phone. I do take the time to listen deeply to you, where you are, and understand what you are looking for. We will have the opportunity to check whether we are a good match as this is essential for a coaching relationship to work and be successful. At the end of the conversation, I will send you a proposal with a package tailor made for you.

Step Two

Single session OR Coaching package, choose your desired option: Career or life coaching

Step Three

At the end of the coaching relationship, we will reserve some time to reflect on our coaching program, the process and the goals achieved. Did you achieve your goals? Where are you now and what do you still want to tackle in the future?

If desired, we can schedule a follow-up call after a certain agreed time to get together and discuss progress. Because I do it with care.