I’ve had the privilege to work with amazing individuals during my coaching journey. On this page, you can read about some of their experience. 

Alessia is a very warm, genuine, and empowering personality. She creates a safe space for you to discover and learn about yourself. During the session with Alessia, my feeling of empowerment grew and not only during the session itself, but as a structural change after the coaching sessions. A coaching session is a big present for yourself, and if you thrive by energy, passion, enthusiasm, and honesty, Alessia is the perfect partner to unfold this present with a result that could be even better than expected.
Marit V.
I was skeptical of working with a coach initially, but after hearing such a glowing review from a friend, I decided to give Alessia and her program a try. Im SO glad that I did. Being a full-time mom in a foreign country has been challenging, and although I have years of education and experience in my career, I had been feeling very stuck about what to pursue. Working with Alessia was not only fun, but gave me the space I needed to look inside myself and address some deeply rooted barriers that were keeping me from seeing my opportunities and strengths. She tailored each session according to what I was needing, so it felt very organic and personal. Thanks to her program, I feel more grounded, more in tune with myself, and more empowered. Alessia herself is incredibly insightful, down to earth, and easy to talk to. I felt heard and supported, never judged or pressured. I truly miss our sessions and feel lighter and more in control of my decisions. I totally recommend her and her program.
Kyla B.
The coaching sessions were creative, fun and challenging me to set priorities and boundaries for myself and my business. The results are multifold: I now for the first time have clear goals, know my values, my superpower and have defined my favorite clients plus structured my website and my products. Alessia is a warm and compassionate coach with a down to earth approach. She helped me to point out questions and find the answers where needed. Soon after our trajectory with Alessia I got booked for my biggest assignment yet. What else can you wish for?​
Daria M.
Over the past three months, Alessia has proven to be an exceptional career coach. Her guidance has been invaluable in helping me redefine my career aspirations and aligning them with my personal values. From rebranding my LinkedIn profile to revamping my CV, and enhancing my interviewing skills, she has been instrumental in driving my professional growth. I am thoroughly satisfied with her services and would highly recommend her to others seeking career guidance
Chris W
Alessia is the most incredible coach: her warm, approachable demeanor, paired with professionalism and openness that stems from her own experiences of change and transition made her a wonderful partner during my recent carrier transition. A mix of helpful exercises to prompt the reflection as well as her kind guidance - accepting and encouraging - made a world of difference. It gave me a structure and courage to take the next steps. Her vast experience as a recruiter is also invaluable - her support in drafting my CV and formulating my WHY were very helpful. Highly recommend Alessia as a coach to anyone in or thinking of carrier transition.
Magdalena S.
I've been lucky to meet Alessia at a very delicate moment in my personal life and professional career. it has been a journey very important to me, and I never imagined it would take me so far from the starting point. Alessia has been an incredible coach and an extraordinary guide in this intense journey of evolution. I don't know what my present would have been like if I hadn't met her. I owe a lot to her and to her gift of listening and understanding, and then translate and rework your messy tought and feeling. It has been a beautiful journey of self-awareness, self empowerment, positive energy... filling my life with color! I would recommend her to everyone!
Ester M.
Alessia is a coach who gets truly invested in her client's journey and is prepared to go the extra mile in order to bring out the best in you. She's an empathic listener and no matter how long of an input, she gets to the essence of your story. Working with Alessia really made a difference in my life and gave me the courage to take on new challenges. She helped me identify my strengths and core values and made me believe in myself again.
Katja V.
Mi sono affacciato al mondo del coaching grazie a un regalo della mia compagna. Aveva capito che ero in un buco nero e che da solo non ne sarei uscito. Da persona molto diffidente pensavo che il coaching fosse solo una moda quindi le premesse erano di estremo scetticismo. Mi sono dovuto ricredere sin sa subito, il percorso e' stato molto utile e ho ritrovato me stesso, gioia e lucidita' di analisi. Al tempo stesso Alessia, oltre ad essere una brava professionista, e' anche una bella persona, estremamente empatica e sensibile.
Gianmaria C.
I worked with Alessia for around 8 months now. I have been transformed to a new person, calmer and more in control. Alessia helped me to find the solution to each problem and be brave to take actions myself, instead of relying on other people. She understands people and always shows empathy. The sessions were always productive and made me feel better. Highly recommended!
Tina B.
Alessia inspires nothing but openness, kindness and trust. Her intution and patience made me feel at ease with talking about any struggles or challenges. With her I found a safe space to express myself without the feeling of being judged. She knows the perfect questions to ask at the right moment so that you can get to your "aha!" moment on your own. I am very grateful to Alessia for showing me the path to myself!​
Ioana M.
Alessia brings a wealth of experience to coaching that makes her not just concerned about one need but your whole self. Her technique involves asking curious questions that will make you think about options you have not considered before. Her holistic approach combined with a positive outlook on life , an energetic personality and having overcome many challenges herself makes you know you are in safe hands.​
Monica A.
I have reached out Alessia after losing my job. Since she has years of experience in recruitment I felt that It could be beneficial in the whole transition period of my carrier. Alessia is amazing and truly professional in her field. Her coaching style goes beyond the books, it touches the core of your essence through gentle and sensitive leading. I do not hesitate to tell that during the sessions there were laughter or even tears but she made me always feel comfortable and put me on track. When I got a positive call from the company that I desired to work for so much, I was actually in the session with Alessia, and we literally celebrated the good news together. If you lost your job, want to change your carrier, or simply need to see your life from the brought perspective, I cannot recommend Alessia more. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving me so much during these last months.
Ieva U.
You know when something, or someone, goes SO beyond your expectations that you really struggle to find the right words to sum up that experience? That's how I feel about the 6 weeks of coaching I had with Alessia. Although I was apprehensive at first, I soon realised that Alessia has an undeniable gift of bringing out the best in other people. She helped to build my confidence up, understand what my core strengths are, and understand what I truly want out of life. At the start of the 6 sessions I was on the verge of burn out from job hunting, and at the end I was accepting an offer for my dream job. If you told me at the start of my sessions that would happen, I never would have believed you! I cannot thank Alessia enough for helping me through such a turbulent period of my life. My advice to anyone who is considering coaching is GO FOR IT! It's a small upfront investment for a huge payoff.
Lou B.
Coaching with Alessia has given me the opportunity to take the time to be completely present with myself and reflect on my feelings. I know that her support equipped me with different tools to deal with challenges and turn around the moment so I can bring the best version of myself in daily situations. I am the confident and happy person that feels empowered by the future opportunities and excited to translate that into specific outcomes.
Snezhana K.
Alessia is an amazing person and coach. I'm so much thankful to her how she was coaching me. She has really helped me refind myself and again believe in myself. We had a beautiful journey together and it was by accident or not but in the end I have got the job which I wanted. If you are ever considering coaching then I can only recommend Alessia and you will experience something beyond your expectations. Thank you again, Alessia!
Beatrix K.
I contacted Alessia when I found myself with an unclear path in my job search. Alesia helped me to get focused, she clearly identified the obstacles in my way (from the first call!), and provided me tools and solutions to cope. Alessia was clearly very professional and sharp - which I loved, as we didn't spent time and started working effectively quickly - but it is also important to point out that Alesia is a charming person, with a sunny personality and full of empathy to the difficult situation of looking for a job. I feel that my 2 sessions with her have led me back to the main road, but also motivated me when I was a bit down. Thank you.
Moran P.
Having recently been made redundant, I contacted Alessia to help me figure out my next career step. Alessia not only helped me to bring into focus what my core strengths were, what drives me & what I really want out of my next role but with her background in recruitment she was also able to coach me into how to bring this across more clearly. Alessia thanks so much for your empathy, amazing guidance, and advice. I always looked forward to our sessions, you have such a unique talent for remaining professional but also making me feel like I’m talking with a friend. Thank you!
Laura K.
Before starting my course with Alessia I was quite sceptical about a career coaching in general. How can somebody know what I need? However decided to give it a try. There is nothing to lose if I do it, is there? Being an amazing professional Alessia not only changed my arrogant opinion but helped me set my thoughts straight, face my regrets and fears, believe in myself and motivated me to move forward despite all the difficulties and uncertainties. Combination of high professionalism and sunny positive personally makes all sessions relaxed, interesting and inspiring. She always feels your mood and takes it into consideration. I looked forward to our every single appointment we had. I am very grateful for everything Alessia has done for me. Alessia, you are a wonderful person and an amazing professional! I wish you all the success and happiness.
Ekaterina M.
My coaching with Alessia was an amazing adventure; a milestone that I will remember for a lifetime. From the very first meeting I knew she was the best person I could ask for help. With her gentle lead I found my grounding, confidence and started to look forward to the future that lay ahead of me. She would always give me space that I needed and let me fully delve into topics that were hiding under the surface. She offered me guidance and support when I felt lost and celebrated every little success I had in our shared journey. We explored, questioned, brainstormed, laughed, wondered, put out a few fires along the way, but we never lost track of the end goal. With each meeting I discovered and learned something new about myself. I will be forever grateful for everything we have achieved together and can’t recommend Alessia enough!
Ewa K.
I had a very positive experience working with Alessia. She has an incredible gift of finding clear solutions to complex problems. I left my six weeks with her feeling rejuvenated and focused. Her teachings were robust and tailored to my personal situation. She taught me the power of inward reflection and constant gratitude both personally and professionally. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to grow, define their career aspirations or discover their passions. More than anything, Alessia is a caring, kind-hearted individual who keeps your best interest at heart. There's no better time than the present!
Taylor W.
I was a bit skeptical at start. I was not sure what coaching could do for me however, Alessia quickly proved to be pivotal helping me understand what were the root causes driving my dissatisfaction. Moreover, through collaboration and challenging questions, I have also created a plan to move forward and it is clearer than ever what my happiness drivers are and what I need to search in a future employer to achieve true career satisfaction. Overall it was a pleasure to work with Alessia and I would recommend it to anyone feeling stuck in life/career.
Pedro B.
Being new in the Netherlands, Alessia assisted me with navigating the Dutch labour and recruitment market, giving sound advice based on her many years as a recruitment specialist. She made very specific recommendations that helped to improve my CV and LinkedIn profile, and guided me on how to reach out to the right recruiters. She is also super energetic and friendly, I loved talking to her.
Lean M.
Alessia is a caring and professional life coach. Throughout my sessions with her, she has never shied away in challenging me by asking tough questions in an empathetic way, leading to personal breakthroughs. I really valued my time with her, with her infectious smile and highly recommend ‘Grow Through Coaching’ when wanting to reach the next part in your journey!
Stephanie P.
I contacted Alessia last end of the year asking her help to figure out my next career steps and better understand which direction to take. I really felt lost when I asked her support and I received back many tools to build a clearer career path and to change perspectives about my own knowledge and skills. I am grateful and honored to have the chance to work closely with her in my coaching experience: I felt her commitment and perfect understanding. She taught me how to set goals, make achievements, gain self-confidence and build self-esteem through simple exercises and asking me the right questions. She trained me practicing self-compassion. It has been an unexpected growing experience, both from a professional and personal point of view. Alessia helped me finding myself first and secondly establishing a new worthy balance in my life. For those reasons, I highly recommend Alessia as valuable and reliable coach to all the people who are looking for a significant change in life.
Alice T.
I was feeling quite lost and it led to me Alessia. Immediately we had a wonderful connection. Alessia is such a beautiful person. She really knows how to feel you as a person and the situation you are in. Sometimes she could explain my struggles better than I did. She could see right through the barriers and let you see what’s behind the things that are holding you back. She showed me the way to finding myself again. She led me to my strengths and how powerful I am with finding my true self. Furthermore, the things I need to do to remind myself of that truth. Coaching sessions with her were always so inspiring and I was always looking forward to them. It was so much fun to do exercises that I would never think of doing myself. These exercises bring you to your inner child and what really lies beneath the surface. Alessia showed me where to look and made me reconnect with myself. I had an incredible experience with her, she is an amazing, colourful person. I deeply thank her for all her wisdom, guidance and taking the time to show me to myself again.
Lotte D.
Alessia is a passionate coach and wonderful person. I have been a stay at home mom for the last four years and was feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of finding a job. My sessions with Alessia helped me determine what I’m looking for now in my career and she helped me regain my confidence. On a more practical note, as a former recruiter, she helped me update my CV and gave me useful tips on my job search!
Kate H.
I cannot recommend working with Alessia enough! She is thorough, prepared, observant, and incredibly insightful. I was impressed at how she was able to determine which aspects of a job would be most meaningful and relevant to me, when I had not yet realized it myself. My time with her was truly invaluable and I would recommend her to anyone looking to determine the career path that is most fit for them.
Heather D.
Never would have thought to be working with a life coach but can highly recommend this. Among many things Alessia has thought me to look at situations from a different perspective and how to act on them. To stay true to yourself but also setting boundaries while being respectful to others.
Linda I.
I've worked with Alessia for the past months and let me tell you this: Wow! I always look forward to our coaching sessions. Alessia has helped me better understand myself, my professional aspirations, and my personal relationships. Thanks for everything you do!
Rob K.
Specchio specchio delle mie brame... Sentitevi liberi di concludere voi la frase come meglio ritenete, ma per me, Alessia, è stata questo. Un costante riflesso/specchio di ciò che ho/avevo dentro durante le nostre sedute che porta a prendere coscienza e consapevolezza di ciò che hai dentro, che rimettere a posto i mattoncini quando sono fuori posto. In quel posto dove devono stare, che tu lo voglia o no, perchè in questo preciso momento della tua vita, loro lì devono essere. In sostanza, Alessia, ti aiuta a mettere in ordine e a prendere consapevolezza a che punto sei, dove ti trovi. Passo necessario per costruirci sopra poi il tuo nuovo te con solide basi (o mattoncini se preferite). La ricorderò sempre con affeto, non solo per il suo sorriso contagioso, ma anche per la sua esplosiva energia vitale!
Marco S.
Grazie per esserti presa cura di me quando io non mi consideravo nemmeno. Ho capito che ci sono...ci sono con i miei dubbi e i miei difetti ma anche i miei pregi. E che sono importante. Ancora più importante è Volermi Bene! Grazie x avermi regalato quei simbolici occhiali rosa! Fantastici! L'empatia che naturalmente si è creata mi ha molto aiutato...non è da tutti. Grazie mille.
Morena R.
I would highly recommend Alessia to anyone seeking clarity in their professional journey. Her coaching style is focused yet flexible, and I appreciated her laid back and supportive approach. Over several weeks of coaching, she led me through exercises to help me identify and articulate my personal values and professional strengths. Now, I am more aware of the type of work that energizes me and how I add value to an organization. I look forward to making future career decisions with greater confidence and clarity, thanks to Alessia’s guidance.
Whitney M.
Great working with Alessia, helped me create a structure to work on, her guidance was key and her enthusiasm is contagious. Comfortable to start my career transition. Thank you Alessia!
Enrique C.